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AP 24 Whitening Toothpaste vanilla mint flavor  $23.00       Click to purchase     Buy

Safe for kids? Yes! It's safe for kids. The instructions are to use supervision for kids ages 2-6, but it's great for everyone! Does it work on braces, crowns, caps, dental work, veneers, etc.? Yes!! It deep cleans to polish and restore brightness to original color with the mineral derivatives and bristles in the toothbrush! The only circumstance where our toothpaste (or anybody's) whitening formula WON'T work is on darkened teeth from childhood medications, and on calcium deposits because those are intrinsic stains. But AP-24 still brightens and deep cleans the outside of the teeth, removing plaque and leaving a glossy finish. Best results are often 2 weeks in. 

SUNRIGHT INSTA GLOW      $37.00                Click  to purchase  Buy 

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